Are There Side Effects ?

When taken as recommended, there have been NO reports of any harmful side effects. 

 Users Report The Following :

  • a boost in libido/sex drive

  • testosterone enhancement effects
  • enhanced sexual arousal and more intense ejaculation
  • a larger-harder erect penis (up to 3″)
  • more stamina – the ability to “get it up” over and over.
  • an impressive increase in lean muscle mass
  • a decrease in body fat particularly in the abdominal area
  • drastic improvement in strength gains while weightlifting
  • faster muscle recovery after workouts
  • more energy
  • better mental focus
  • more aggression
  • awesome muscle pumps in the gym
  • an overall improvement in sexual and athletic performance

*The most common issue reported by users is an increase in sex drive and more frequent erections.  A larger, harder erection is the typical result of using AndroGenRx®