AndroGenRx Testosterone Male Enhancement

Male Enhancement Vs. Testosterone Boosters

AndroGenRx® is a specifically formulated compound designed to improve athletic ability and sexual performance. When used in conjunction with basic exercise, AndroGenRx® will enhance your physique by promoting lean muscle mass and burning off unwanted body fat. 

AndroGenRx® is the very first hybrid pharmaceutical grade testosterone supplement developed that acts as both a testosterone booster and a male enhancement pill. The benefits of this unique formulation is that users not only make improvements in their physique, but also that drastic increase in penis size and erection hardness.

Did you know that neither Viagra (Sildenafil), or Cialis (Tadalafil) have any effect whatsoever on muscle mass, fat loss or resolving  low testosterone (“Low-T”)  issues ? The basic actions of Sildenafil and Tadalafil are to increase just enough blood flow to the penis to allow for an erection to occur.

  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis are the “Best Male Enhancement Pills”.
  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis are “Testosterone Boosters”.
  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis  benefit those who suffer from “Low-T”.
  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis promote lean muscle or improve muscle tone.
  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis reduces body fat.
  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis will enhance mental focus,aggression or increase athletic ability.
  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis has any ability to increase the size of the penis.

 * Low testosterone products come in a variety of forms such as pills, creams, gels and injectable oil based compounds. Testosterone enhancement for men with AndroGenRx® DOES NOT require a prescription. Testosterone pills are legally available worldwide when sold as a testosterone booster or testosterone supplements. If you are searching for the best testosterone booster, best testosterone supplements, or natural testosterone boosters – AndroGenRx® is the product for you.